DJ Bueller started off as a personae applied to the mixes created by Phoenix area producer/DJ Aaron Scofield.

“The Saturday Night Safety Dance” is actually a syndicated show that ran on FM radio during the late 90s under the name “Resurrection Mix” and was produced and programmed by Aaron. Sirius/XM starting running the show unbeknownst to Aaron. But let’s back up a few decades…

Aaron is a veteran club DJ, producer, musician and remixer. In the 90s he started a remix service called “Culture Shock”. Culture Shock supplied many of the remixes used in the mixshows. In the late 90s, he recruited another DJ/Remixer, “DJ Lex” to become a partner of Culture Shock.

DJ Lex is also a veteran DJ, and grew up in the 80s listening to KROQ in Southern California. Lex started “Club 80s” in the early days of internet radio which featured 80s mixshows and 12” extended remixes. Lex was also producing a mixshow that ran on internet and FM radio, which was very similar to Resurrection Mix.

Over the years, Aaron and Lex worked together for several years producing 80s remixes for their mixshows.

Fast forward to circa 2007. Lex called XM radio in an attempt to get the Club 80s mixshow on the Classic Alternative “Fred” Channel. It’s bad timing. XM and Sirius are about to merge and their channel lineup will most likely be very different. After the merger, the SiriusXM 1st Wave channel is born. Lex contacts them again and is informed that they’ve already got a mixshow that they’ll be running.

FirstWave starts airing “The Saturday Night Safety Dance with DJ Bueller”. Aaron and Lex are surprised to learn that Safety Dance is actually Resurrection Mix! (Captain… Say WOT!) After some digging, it was discovered that FirstWave purchased the show from a syndication company, but did not necessarily obtain the rights to air the show. It would be similar to a radio station purchasing back issues of the Casey Kasem Top 40 Countdown without getting the rights to broadcast the show. Bueller?!

So what is DJ Bueller now?

The concept has now changed and matured. Now, it is a collective: a production team partnership of two DJs: Aaron Scofield and Lex de Azevedo II

As of 2016, Aaron and Lex have made several attempts to open a dialogue with Sirius/XM – to produce newer and better shows – but have continually been delayed, obfuscated and finally blown off. In fact, Sirius/XM has even tried re-branding the show in some sort of convoluted attempt to maintain the façade that it is internal produced content, but it’s not. That said, Boys Don’t Cry.

With the largest collection of 12″ mixes in the galaxy, Aaron and Lex are available for hire as DJ Bueller for concerts, corporate events, club gigs and private events!